what is it?

jummp.to is a forwarding service, which allows you to easily share locations and directions to locations with any device, and jummp.to will do the necessary work to display the map on the device in the best possible manner. Most commonly, this is a smartphone's native maps application.

jummp.to also supports Mapcodes.

how do i use it?

Going to jummp.to will allow you to search for a location on a map, or use your current location if the device you're on has a GPS. You then specify if you want to show the point on a map, or give directions to this point. It will also give you a QR Code which serves the same purpose.

Jummp codes are easy to type and share, and short enough to not be obtrusive in social media such as Twitter.

examples of jummps

Seaworld, Orlando (Point)



Louvre Museum, France (Directions)



Chapman's Peak, South Africa (Directions)


mapcode support

Mapcode support is provided in 3 ways


International Codes
Kremlin, Russia: http://jummp.to/WKXYL.5P7T
(This jummp will work from anywhere in the world)

Regional Codes with embedded context
Kremlin, Russia: http://jummp.to/PSK DB.2R
(This jummp will work from anywhere in the world)

Regional Codes without embedded context
Kremlin, Russia: http://jummp.to/DB.2R
(This jummp will only work in Pskov Oblast, Russia)